May 20, 2014

  Recipes: Favorites Rock Memorial Day Cookout
Set your gardening gloves aside. With the unoffici...
May 19, 2014

  Make Some Stylin' Containers
Just like garden beds, standout container planting...
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    Stylish Bird Houses Will Jazz up Your Garden
    Even if you don't have the funds to upgrade your own pad this year, you might want to do it for your favorite feathered friends.
      You'll Love This Award-Winning Blanket Flower
    Gardening is competitive, whether we like to admit it or not. Who doesn't want to be that house on the block with the newest and coolest plants?
      A Cleaner Way to Feed the Birds
    We love to watch birds fluttering around and eating the seed we put out for them, but we're not so crazy about the dirty job of cleaning the feeder.
      A Web-Based Journal for Gardeners
    A lot of gardeners think about keeping a journal to track the plants they buy, note how things grow (or don't), and plan for future seasons.
    Bird Feeding on a Budget
    Birding and gardening go hand-in-hand. If you have a beautiful garden filled with shrubs and perennials, chances are you also have a lot of birds that appreciate your hard work.
      Say Goodbye to Blisters
    We used to think of gardening gloves as silly accessories. That was when we were about 9 years old, and we had never hoisted a shovel or built a stone path. Now—many years and many blisters later—we know better.
      Amaryllis: Keep the Blooms Bright after the Holidays
    An amaryllis is a gift that unwraps itself. As the dark days of winter go by, its flower stalk gets taller and taller, until one day it unfurls its brilliant red, white, or pink petals to bring color and drama to your home.
      Easy Weekend Project: Make an Evergreen Ball
    As you're decorating the inside of your home this holiday season, don't forget to spruce up the outside, too. Brighten up your home's exterior and incorporate a bit of the garden with this festive evergreen ball.
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