March 01, 2012
Catch Terrarium Fever

Terrarium As trends go, terrariums have earned top honors for the number of times they've cycled from must-have-now to that's-so-yesterday. After awhile, we simply ignored all the hoopla.

Until we laid our eyes on Eco Orb kits.

These pretty terrariums were created by Britton Neubacher of the botanical design company, Tend Living. Each kit includes a glass orb, plants, and an array of decorative elements like sand and rocks that vary with the seasons. You can choose from four different planting options, and the orbs come with a hook for hanging.

The Lagoon version is the most unique--plants grow in water. Creature is designed for air plants, and Gefling and Clementine (shown) are home to succulents and cacti. Instructions for creating your terrarium are included, as are care tips.

Plant it, hang it, enjoy it!

grow miniature plants in beautiful Eco Orb terrariums.
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